Maintenance Technician Outlook According to Boeing

Boeing Chart
Courtesy of Beoing

The unprecedented fleet growth in emerging markets through 2029 creates a high demand for maintenance personnel. Moreover, new advanced aircraft require new competencies and capabilities. Additional infrastructure will need to be developed, particularly in areas of high growth. To ensure the continued integrity of the system, operators will need innovative approaches to training that are both more relevant and more efficient than current approaches.

The Asia Pacific region will see the greatest growth in maintenance personnel, with a requirement for 220,000 new personnel. Within Asia, China will experience the greatest need, with a requirement for 96,400 maintenance personnel. Europe will need 122,000 new maintenance personnel; North America will need 137,000; Africa and the Middle East will need 59,500 maintenance personnel; Central and South America will need 44,000 maintenance personnel; and the CIS will need 14,000 maintenance personnel.


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