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Me and my wife recently took a trip out to Las Vegas for a well deserved vacation. My mom came and watched our kids for the 4 days at our home in Michigan.  It was a nice break but we definitely missed out kids! 4 days was just about perfect.

While we were out in Vegas, we took the opportunity to take a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon. I highly suggest this method of seeing the Canyon instead of driving because of the time savings alone. Not to mention flying in a helicopter is much more fun.  We flew over other points of interest as well like the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead.  The pilots are all well versed in the history of things without boring you with dry information. They keep it light and fun.

Tour Industry Thrives

The company we used was quite small compared to some of the big dogs in town. Serenity Helicopters only have 2 A-Stars at this time but plans on purchasing 2 more. This company prides it self on being more in tune with their guests and creating a more intimate feel.  The larger tour operators are much more about the numbers. Some companies have 12 -20 helicopters.

All these aircraft need maintenance. This is a strong sector in aviation that is not only stable but continuing to see growth. Hot spots like Hawaii, Las Vegas and Alaska are great places for aircraft mechanics to get experience working on a variety of aircraft and this includes fixed wing as well.

grand canyon helicopter tour reviewSince the tour companies are literally flying all day, racking up to 6 hours flight time, the maintenance is performed in the evenings. Most of the companies cannot operate at night under part 135 because of regulations. The aircraft mechanics come in around 4 pm and work until 12am performing all light and heavy maintenance. For this kind of work, you will need your A&P license and turbine engine experience is preferred.

Larger tour operators also have mechanics for line maintenance during the day in case something pops up between flights.

Companies in the past have had a hard time finding qualified aircraft mechanics to perform maintenance.


Looking for a Tour?

If you are going to be in the area and are interested in taking a helicopter tour, do your research and you should be able to get some kind of discounts. Tour companies desperately try and fill all seats so last minute deals can be had if your timing is right.

Check out Serenity Helicopters

Other tour operators in the Las Vegas area are;

  • Maverick  Largest tour operator in the area with the most helicopters
skydancer helicopter tour
Sun is setting on the Skydancer Tour from Serenity Helicopters

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