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Interested in attending one of many aircraft mechanic schools located throughout the country? If you are but  a little short on cash, this post is for you! Aircraft mechanic school, or A&P school as we like to call it, is not cheap. Some schools cost a small fortune. Not all aircraft mechanic schools are the same in terms of cost however, so it may be wise to do a through search before committing to any one school.

For instance, community colleges and high school programs for post graduates many times offer economical solutions to getting the A&P license. The important thing to remember is finding a school that is part 147 approved. These are the schools that are regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Top Scholarships

Scholarships are another great way to decrease the costs of aviation maintenance schools. Often times, these scholarships can be used together in order  to increase the savings. In order to benefit from these programs, one must apply. Applying early is your best bet when it comes to getting approved. Also, make sure all the rules are followed for submitting your application.

1. AMT Society.  The AMT Society is dedicated supporting our craft as aircraft mechanics. Each year this great organization offers 10 scholarships worth $1,500 each.  Applying for this scholarship is pretty easy and well worth your time.

2. Women in Aviation International This great resource is not just for women! Men can apply too. Visit the link for a whole host of various scholarships being given out. The average scholarship is $5,000 so it is definitely worth your time. Downsides are you have to pay to become a member of the WAI, but it is a good cause with lots of benefits, even if you are a dude.

3. Association for Women in Aviation Maintenance or also known as AWAM. Another kick butt site with loads of resources for both sexes. Don’t let the pink and purple aviation mechanic scholarshipscolors turn you off, this is one great organization aimed at promoting our craft.  Like with all associations, they take money to operate so membership costs a small amount. Students cost $15 per year and individuals $25 per year.

4. Aircraft Electronics Association promotes not only avionics careers but also aircraft maintenance technicians a well. This organization has multiple scholarships that it gives out each year ranging from $1000,00 to $35,000.  So this is not one your want to miss out on.

5. Helicopter Foundation International promotes, yes you guessed it, helicopters! Well not just helicopters, but mechanics and pilots as well. This organization realizes the shortage in helicopter mechanics and pilots and is doing something about it. They offer a variety of scholarships so be sure to check them out.

6.PAMA promotes the professional aviation maintenance technician. This is a great organization that helps promote what we do.  Each year they give out a $1,000 scholarship.

7. Northrup Rice Foundation   is dedicated in supporting the aviation maintenance professional. This organization donates scholarships for our industry every year.  Membership is $25 which includes a T shirt.  One of the scholarships offered includes a Snap-on tool kit valued at $4,900!

8. Spartan College of Aeronautics Various scholarships if you are planning to go to Spartan. Check em out!


Applying for Scholarships 

The devil is in the details as they  say so make sure you read the rules. Most of these organizations want you to become a member of the organizations. This helps to support the cause they are striving for. In many cases the fee is pretty small. Other programs do not require you to be a member but tack on an application fee. So either way, there may be a small amount of money spent applying for these loans. Pay attention to the deadlines and make your applications neat and professional. If they require an article, have someone spell check it because if you spell like me, you’re in trouble!



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