Ok, so it might not be super secret, but it is under utilized big time, it is the all-important letter of recommendation. I know this is nothing really new, letter of recommendations have been aroundaircraft mechanic jobs ever since interviews themselves, But do you have one?

Letters of recommendation are great for entry level aircraft mechanics with little or no experience. They are also good for mechanics with lots of experience, however,  newer mechanics pose to gain the most out of these useful tools. Employers who are looking to hire an aircraft mechanic is taking a risk. We as potential employees must mitigate that risk by assuring the employer we are not complete idiots. If you have lots of experience on your resume, this tends to let employers know you have at least a basic understanding of how things work and you probably won’t screw things up too much. On the other hand, a new mechanic with a short resume can be dangerous. This is where your letter of recommendation comes in, it helps calm the nerves of employers.

Make Yourself Look Good

You letter of recommendation does not need to be from an aviation related person even though you are applying for an aircraft mechanic position.  If you are working a regular job, more than likely you have people around you, or better yet, someone above you who can vouch for you.

Here are a few pointers for getting a letter of recommendation.

  • They do not need to be from your direct supervisor or anyone in your chain of command.  Often times the best letters of recommendation come from someone besides your supervisor. Perhaps there is someone in your company in a different department that depends on you. Perhaps a supervisor that notices your hard-work and dedication but doesn’t know about all the screw-ups that you have done or how many times you have shown up late  like your immediate supervisor would know about.
  • Don’t be offended if they say “no” or fail to deliver. You can always ask again in case they forgot, but after that, I leave it alone.
  • The more the better. Asking  multiple supervisors can paint a decent picture of the kind of worker you are. This not only helps you to look good in an interview, but it also can help you at your current job. When you ask someone for a recommendation, it tells that person that you care about their opinion. They feel important. They will go out of their way in many cases to help you after you ask for a recommendation, just watch.
  • Timing is everything. Don’t wait until your last two weeks to ask for a letter of recommendation. Ask when times are good and you are in good favor. If you have recently got into some trouble, let some time pass before you ask any favors.
  • For an aircraft mechanic position, they don’t have to be formal long or complicating. Just keep em simple.

How to use the letter of recommendation to seal-the-deal

The best time to use the letter is at the end of a successful interview. This helps seal the deal and makes you look like a real winner. Of course, I always recommend having a resume with you during the interview.  Out of all the times I have had my resume, the interviewer has asked for it. This is probably because through all the red tape process of actually applying for a job, the resume never gets handed off from the HR department to the interviewer. The other benefit of having using the letter of recommendation in this way is that it builds your confidence during the interview, and we all know that confidence is important. So take your resume and letter(s) of recommendation to each job interview and land that sweet gig!


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