Warranty Returns

Today I received a box in the mail today and was presently surprised to find my Surefire Ultra U2 returned from Surefire. I sent it out for a warranty repair and they ended up just giving best aircraft mechanic flashlightme a new flashlight.

I originally contacted their customer support for a broken brightness selector ring. They created an RMA for me but I never sent it in because the light still worked just fine. Even at the time, I admitted that the light fell off the aircraft one to many times and that is probably what caused the cracked ring. The customer service agent emailed me back saying they would fix it anyways.

Fast forward a few months later, I am still using the light because it actually still works fine and as an aircraft mechanic, I rely on a good flashlight to do my job.  Well finally the light took one too many spills and quit working all together. Something went wrong in the switch mechanism.

Since I still had the old RMA # that I never sent used, I decided to stick it in a box and send it away under that old RMA. It was worth a shot since the light wasn’t doing me any good broken.

So today I get my flashlight back. A brand spanking new one at that. It seems the switch mechanism has been changed, probably upgraded to a better version. It feels much more firm when switched on and off.

Aircraft Mechanic Investment

Yes, you will spend a big chunk of money on a Surefire flashlight but you not only get a professional light, you also get a company that stands behind their product.

This time, I promise to take better care of it. Aviation maintenance can be hard on a flashlight!

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