Start Tools Collecting Earlya and p license

It is advisable to start collecting tools as soon as you decide to make aircraft maintenance your profession.  I wouldn’t wait until after getting the A and P license to start your collection since tools are a large expense and most companies will require you to have your own tools.  Sure, you could go to harbor freight and get a collection of tools on the cheap but I would advise against this.  I am not knocking Harbor Freight or anything because to be honest, some of  their tools will work just fine but for the regular tools you use day in and day out I would invest in good quality tools.  I have never been the guy in the hangar with the most expensive tool box or expensive Snap on tools.  I buy what I need and that is it.

Finding Discount Tools for Students

I have always been a fan of Matco Tools because of their simple online student discount.  All you have to do is fill out the information and you instantly gain access to the discount pricing.  The discounts are sometimes larger than 50% off!   I have compared some items to sears craftsman prices and have found the prices to be cheaper through Matco in some cases.    The reason Matco gives such a good deal is that they know as a new mechanic that once you start using their brand that you will keep using them.   So when you order online, orders over $50.00 are free shipping.  No waiting around for the sales guy in the truck to show up.   There are other student discounts out there, as a student I would try to avoid paying full price for tools.




A and P License
Matco Discount Shown


Aviation Starter Kit from Matco

A and P tool kit
Tool Kit Discount


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