Structures Mechanic Starter Tool Kit

aircraft mechanic tool kit
Aircraft Tool Supply Aircraft Mechanic’S Riveting Kit (2X)


Starter Kits

Getting good at sheet metal takes lots of practice.  Properly done sheet metal work is an art form.  Learning this craft takes years. Get started early with a kit like this.  Best way to get good is get a starter kit and go to town riveting and fabricating. Read as much as you can and practice, practice and then practice some more. Some people will pick this skill up very easily. Others, like me will struggle with it.  Let’s just say I am better at finding cracks than repairing them.  Once you are out in the field, finding a good structures mechanic to continue teaching you is the best way to solidify what you already learned. There are LOTS of tricks that A&P schools do not teach. These tricks are kept with the “old timers” of this trade. A good structures mechanic will always be in demand.

Books for learn’n!

Help learn techniques with these books. Also, learn the terminology. These books are oldies but goodies. Keep ‘em in your tool box for reference material.







Aircraft Sheet Metal Construction and Repair: An Aviation Maintenance Publishers, Inc. Training Manual (Aviation Technician Training Series, EA-SMF)


AC-43.13 Aircraft Inspection, Repair & Alterations: Acceptable Methods, Techniques, and Practices (FAA Handbooks)



aircraft mechanic tool kit
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