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If you have spent any time searching for a job as an aircraft mechanic, you may have found it to be a frustrating task. This is further complicated for new mechanics since they typically

Aircraft Mechanic Resumes don’t have to be complicated

do not have the experience that most employers are looking for.  This frustration can lead to make people believe that perhaps their resume is to blame.  This is true especially if your resume is not even getting any calls for interviews.

Whether or not your resume is to blame can be difficult and ultimately impossible to determine.  Unless of course it is a total piece of crap. But I doubt that’s the case.

It may be best to have different resumes for the different types of jobs you may be applying for. For instance, if you are applying for an aircraft line mechanic position, you may not want to send the same resume for a repair station mechanic. Having custom resumes for each type of job will pay off in the long run.  This is especially true if you are applying to jobs outside the aviation industry.

Your resume is a living dynamic document that should be treated as such. Keeping your resume updated is important because never know when you may need it.

Hiring a Professional Writer

The question on whether to have your resume professionally written comes down to a few factors. The first and most important is whether or not your a an OK writer. And I say OK only because you do not need to be a great writer to effectively write a resume.  Professional resume writers are good at installing big aircraft mechanic resume tipswords to make the applicant seem professional and not a total dolt.  They can also fluff up a thin resume to give it some more meat.

Now the question always comes down to whether or not having a professional resume written is a good investment.  Sure, having a professional written resume would be nice to have, but will it provide a good return on your investment. Unfortunately this is difficult to answer because you will never really know whether or not it was the writing service that landed you the job or not. Some people swear by these writing services and other (like me) tend to not put as much faith in them.


Writing Your Own Resume

For those who wish to write their own aircraft mechanic resume, there are a few things you can do to make it looks as professional as possible.  First thing, regardless of what format you use,  don’t fall into the trap that longer is better. Keeping your resume simple and clean is a good approach. Actually describe yourself but avoid the temptation to just add more information for the sole purpose of making your resume longer.  Logging into websites like Linkedin will allow applicants to scan others resume’s to get ideas. I don’t think of this a copying, more of getting inspiration.

In conclusion

Writing your own resume can save money. Unless you are certain your resume is a complete mess, often times hiring a writing service for aircraft mechanics is not needed.  What goes farther in this industry is personal relationships that you build on. These relationships are better than any resume. Having friends also means being able to ask them to write letters of recommendations. These letters can compliment resumes and help to instill a sense of confidence  in your job application. There is great power in networking.

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