Aviation Mechanic Tools Student Discount

Matco Offers Student Discount

I know Matco is not the only tool company to give students a break, but Matco does make it much easier than the other brands.  Once signed up, you get instant access to the discounted price on tools. As a student, you will not get access to their full catalog but that has never been a problem for me.  Plus, spend of 50 bucks and shipping is free. Matco says you must be a full time student to get the discount. As you can see from my video, there is no verification process for this. Just sign up and go. Matco is a good place to start collecting aviation mechanic tools.

Sheet Metal Starter Kit

Structures Mechanic Starter Tool Kit

aircraft mechanic tool kit
Aircraft Tool Supply Aircraft Mechanic’S Riveting Kit (2X)


Starter Kits

Getting good at sheet metal takes lots of practice.  Properly done sheet metal work is an art form.  Learning this craft takes years. Get started early with a kit like this.  Best way to get good is get a starter kit and go to town riveting and fabricating. Read as much as you can and practice, practice and then practice some more. Some people will pick this skill up very easily. Others, like me will struggle with it.  Let’s just say I am better at finding cracks than repairing them.  Once you are out in the field, finding a good structures mechanic to continue teaching you is the best way to solidify what you already learned. There are LOTS of tricks that A&P schools do not teach. These tricks are kept with the “old timers” of this trade. A good structures mechanic will always be in demand.

Don’t Sweat it man, Just be Cool..

Nobody graduates A&P school an expert. We are all human and are prone to mistakes both at work and at home.  I know I have made my fair share of mistakes and admittingly, I will continue to make mistakes but with time I have been getting better at hiding them. I am just joking…sort of.

Red Bull Aviation Team

What would it take to become a mechanic for this team?


AAR is Hiring

AAR is hiring

This is all due to the fact the American Airlines had to go bankrupt. American is laying off some 13,000 mechanics. AAR will to doing contract maintenance on the American fleet which will save the company money in the long run.

Feb. 29– Greg Dellinger is looking for a few hundred good men and women.

photo: AAR Corp

On Thursday, Dellinger, recruiting director for AAR Corp., the nation’s largest third-party aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul provider, will conduct a job fair from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Hilton Garden Inn Tulsa Airport, 7728 E. Virgin Court.

Next Big Thing – UAV Integration

Earlier this month,  Congress and President Barack Obama give authority to the Federal Aviation Administration to devise a plan to allow UAVs  to intergrate into US airways. This opens

UAV mechanics
RQ-1 Tallil Iraq

the door to thousands of potential UAVs flying overhead by the year 2015. The new rule was part of the agency’s $64.4 billion funding bill, which includes money for the NextGen air traffic control system. The new rule allows fire and police departments as well as other “first responders” to operate a UAV within 90 days from the ruling so long as they fly under 400 AGL and do not weigh over 4.4 lbs. Next year, weight limit gets raised to 55 pounds.

Aircraft Mechanic Jobs Overseas

Are all the Overseas Contracting Jobs Closing Down?

aircraft mechanic jobs overseas
a much younger me. Working phase inspections in Afghanistan

With conflicts ending in Iraq and soon to be Afghanistan, you gotta ask yourself, are all the contracting jobs going away? The short answer is no. While it is true, that many of the contracting jobs in Iraq has since closed down for good, some have merely shifted to Afghanistan. Also, there are still aircraft mechanics in Iraq performing maintenance on the Iraqi aircraft.  The real question is, what will happen to all of these contracting jobs when Afghanistan closes down? Personally, I think there will always be a need for aircraft maintenance overseas and frankly, leaving Afghanistan would make me quite happy. I don’t feel the Afghanis deserve or want our help anymore, but now I’m getting side tracked.

Cool Tools Make Life Easier

Crescent Rapid Slide Adjustable Wrench Review

Are you sick of wasting precious time adjusting your Crescent wrench? Then you need the Rapid Slide!  Ok, just kidding with the sales pitch, but I did buy this because it looked interesting. I always keep an adjustable wrench in my tool bag while I am on the flight line.  My old one fell apart so I decided to upgrade. Time will tell if I made the right choice or not, but so far I like this wrench.  The jaws tend to stay tight against the fastener which was my main concern.

aircraft mechanic tools

MotoArt – Functional Aircraft Inspired Art

MotoArt – Pure Awesomeness

It was years ago I first seen MotoArt on TV. There was an actual show which followed these guys around as they made cool looking tables out of aircraft wings. The show didn’t last long. Years later I found them on Facebook of all places. They are still producing awesome pieces of art. I hope one day I will be able to afford one.

The pieces are so cool and simple, it makes me wonder “why didn’t I think of that?”.

MotoArt table
DC-4 Conference Table




MotoArt Table

5 Tips for Getting That First Job

Getting Hired Without Much Experience

If you are an aircraft mechanic, than you already have an idea on how difficult it can be, not to mention down-right frustrating  trying to get that first job as an aircraft mechanic. The problem is, most employers want to hire experienced mechanics. This saves them time and money in training, but do not let this discourage you.

This is the most critical time as an aircraft mechanic. You don’t want to let too much time pass after you get your A&P license and geting that first job. If too much time passes, you lose momentum.  My tips for nailing that first job are simple. But you have to start early.

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