Is The Aviation Industry Dead?

is the Aviation Industry Really Dead?

There is lots in the news recently about American Airlines bankruptcy. If you are attending one of many aviation mechanic schools located throughout the country, you may be somewhat nervous. The airline industry has been under economic pressure for quite some time. The end result in many cases has been farming out maintenance inspections to foreign entities. This is not only good for aircraft maintenance technicians in the United States, but the question of safety also comes up.  How close is the oversight in these overseas operations?

1. Never stop learningaviation maintenance technician

Learning new things is what makes this industry fresh and exciting. There is always something new to learn. One great way to learn new things is to work with different aircraft mechanics at your job. Never turn down an opportunity to take a factory training course. These courses not only teach aircraft mechanics important skills but also look great on the resume.

Aircraft Mechanic Tips and Tricks

Tip # 12: Use Your Camera Phone

Your smart phone can do more than just check your Facebook status while at work.  The camera phone can be a valuable tool that every aircraft mechanic should have in their arsenal.   By getting in the habit of taking pictures during maintenance tasks, you can easily document things that otherwise could be forgotten.


Wiring Installations

Taking a picture of a wiring installation can help you remember which wire goes where when its time to go back together.

aircraft mechanic 253606
Fuel Probe and low level switch

Being an Efficient Aircraft Mechanic

Learn to work Smarter not Harder

Being an efficient aircraft mechanic is something that we all strive to do. We want to complete tasks in a decent amount of time to keep aircraft downtime to a minimum. But how can we aircraft mechanic clockincrease our efficiency at work and still conduct safe maintenance?

The maintenance instructions for a given task leave little room when it comes to cutting corners. They are what they are and we cannot change those instructions. Often times, it those darn instructions that don’t get followed and that leads to problems. Either proper maintenance procedures aren’t followed or proper follow maintenance tasks aren’t being completed when they should be.

How to Apply ProSeal Aircraft Sealant like a PRO

It Stinks, it’s Messy but it seals Oh -So Goooood!proseal A&P license

Proseal is a  common aircraft sealant initially used to seal aircraft fuel tanks. This sealant has proved to be so effective that it is now used on many other areas of the aircraft other than the fuel tanks such as the fuselage and anywhere else a sealant may be needed. It is important to know that there are many different types of pro-seal kits available and the term “proseal” is generic. Always follow the manufacturers recommendations when choosing an aircraft sealant. Also, follow the sealant’s instructions for mixing and follow all safety guidelines. Read the MSDS of any product before use.

Top 3 Aviation Shows

If you love aviation, here are a few entertaining shows about our industry. Most TV shows about aviation focus on pilots of course, but they are still fun to watch anyways.


Ice Pilots

This TV program shows plenty of maintenance type stuff which is why I am a fan. The show tells the story of Buffalo Airways based out of Yellowknife up in the Northwest Territories. I can’t get enough of the sweet sounds of those radial engines on the DC-3!


The Aviators

Great show about all things that fly. Watch full shows free on in HD.

Out with the Old, in with the Newaircraft mechanic overseas contracting

AECOM will be taking the reigns from L3 Communications operating in Kuwait and Afghanistan.  Find the news release here.  L3 has been providing contract field teams to support the US Army aviation maintenance. L3 was the largest employer in this sector. The great thing about L3 was was that you did not need your A&P license.  L3 would often times take mechanics fresh out of the military since in the aircraft being maintained where also military aircraft.

FAAsTeam for Aircraft Mechanic Proficiency

What the FAA Safety Team Means to Aircraft Mechanicsaircraft mechanic Faasteam

The FAASTeam (FAA Safety Team) is an program put on by the FAA. It is designed to create better communication between mechanics and the FAA.  Joining the FAASTeam is free and easy. Once signed up, you can access additional online training. You do NOT need your A&P certificates to join either.

Online courses for aircraft mechanics include;

  • Aircraft Maintenance Documentation for AMT’s
  • All About Fuel
  • Dirty Dozen – Human Error In Aircraft Maintenance
  • Failure to Follow Procedures – INSPECTIONS
  • Fatigue Countermeasure Training
  • Pneumatic Systems

Showing Your Geeky Side on Your Resume

Show Your SkillsA&P license

If you want to get a leg up on your competition when applying for an aircraft mechanic position, one unlikely way to do it is by highlighting your computer skills.  Yes, you read that right, your computer skills. You probably thought I was going to tell you that you should highlight some advanced skills you have acquired working on or troubleshooting aircraft.  While all those advanced skills also look good on a resume or application, the fact is that the biggest challenges dealing with new hires are teaching them the computer systems that the company utilizes.

10 Ways to be a Better Aircraft Mechanic


10 Ways Not to Suck as an Aircraft Mechanic

1. Know your aircraft. Read the technical manuals. Read the theory of
operations when you get downtime. You will probably never know
EVERYTHING there is to know about your assigned airplane but that’s not
an excuse not to learn it

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