The Future of UAVs and What it Means to the A&P Mechanic

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Aircraft Mechanic’s Creed


How Much Does the A and P License Cost?

Written Tests (computer based)

There are 3 tests – General, Airframe and Powerplant.

Fees for each test is US$72.00.
For a new A&P applicant (that is, no existing A or P license), you need to take the following tests:
General test + Airframe + Powerplant (Fees = US$216.00)

Oral & Practical

Fees vary between DMEs.  Most DMEs charge somewhere between $200 – $350  per test.   Contact your local DME here.

Other Companies that love the A&P License

Attention:  Your Skills are Needed

When I think of the A&P license,  I think of a mechanic.  I think about maintaining aircraft.  That is my short sightedness indeed because the Airframe Powerplant is a highly sought after certification for employers outside of the aviation community.   Turns out that the A&P license you just got is worth more then just wrenching.   Keep in mind that I linked actual job postings so over time the links may end up dead.

Is the A & P License a Waste of Time for Aircraft Mechanics?

Aircraft Mechanic Myths and Realities

The big question about getting the A and P license is wondering if it will be worthwhile.  That is, will there be any jobs when you graduate?  While it is somewhat difficult to  answer that question because there is so many variables.   In order to determine if the A&P is worth it, we have to answer 2 questions.

How much will I make?        A and P license

While there are many variables in answering these question,  we can however look at the data.  I  primarily used data from Bureau of Labor Statistics which is part of the Department of Labor.      Statically, a mechanic will earn an average  of $25.62 an hour or $53,280 a year.  The states with the highest pay wages in this field are:

Is Working in a War Zone Easy Money?

There are many benefits to working in a war zone.   There are a lot of aircraft mechanic jobs in various countries all over the world.  It’s easy to get a 6 figure income working on airplanes on these contracts.  In many cases an A and P license is not required.  However, not all contracts are the same.  Here are a few things to consider while overseas job searching.

  • Pay structure.  How often do you get paid and how much?  Is there a completion bonus? Kirkuk Iraq
  • Vacation rotation schedule and does the company pay for return flights home on vacation?

Why you need the AC43.13

AC 43.13is one of the most important books to have on file.  This book is actually an Advisory Circular issued by the FAA.   There are a few different publishers producing this AC, and which one you choose does not matter so long as it is the newest available, which is version 1B/2B.

Why is it so important?

This book is a great educational tool and it has a TON of useful information. There are 13 Chapters in all.

  1. Wood Structures
  2. Fabric Covering
  3. Fiberglass and Plastics
  4. Metal Structure, Welding and Brazing
  5. NonDestructive Testing

Dauntless A&P Test Prep Software Video Review

Working in the HEMS Industry

HEMS, or Helicopter Emergency Medical Service can be a great career choice for a mechanic.  Even though helicopters do most of the work in this field, there are quite a few fixed wing aircraft as well.  Typically these jobs are salaried jobs and pay is decent.  This type of work is considered “field maintenance” since essentially the mechanic is away from the repair station.   Some work sites, or bases as they are called, do not even have a hangar to work in.  Work environments vary greatly between bases throughout the country.  One thing is common though, the mechanic has a strong bond with the flight crew and pilot.   These men and women put their lives in the hands of the mechanic and trust his/or her decision-making.

is AvJobs a scam?

A and P License

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