ALX-77R92L reviewYou Can’t Inspect What You Can’t See

I recently picked up a new flashlight to add to my collection. I dropped my Surefire U2 Ultra one to many times off the aircraft and now it doesn’t work.  I rely on that light a lot so I needed a replacement fast. I needed a flashlight that was super bright  (the surefire really spoiled me) because most of my time using it is during the day. Looking under cowlings and into  tight areas of the aircraft can be difficult with lots of ambient light or even worse, sun glaring into your eyes.  Its nearly impossible to see the transmission oil level in the helicopter I work on during the day because of the shadows and my eyes being adjusted for the bright sunlight. Plus I wanted a light that uses the CR-123 batteries since I already have the rechargeable versions.

About the Nu-Flare Rebel 90 Flashlight

Nu-flare Rebel 90 Flashlight

The NuFlare Rebel 90 uses what looks like the same type LED as my super bright surefire. Of course, I am not an LED expert or anything, but they looked similar so I was hoping for similar results.  The Rebel 90 (model number ALX-77R92L) boasts an impressive 210 lumens and up to 13 hours of operation on a set of batteries.  Now after about 2 hours, your not going to get the full 210 lumens of light, but that is to be expected.

The light  has a flood and spot adjustment. This is a neat feature of the light but I normally keep it on spot mode because normally I am looking at particular things and not a general area. The light seams to be made of high grade aluminum giving it a solid feel.  The body has O-rings which makes it water resistant.


The light is quite small and fits in my pocket without bothering me.   The size of the light output and the small size of the flashlight housing is definitely a win for me. Not only that, it is very light. The performance for this light is quite good giventhe low cost.

It also comes with a wrist strap which allows you to twirl it on your finger in a dark room to create a disco effect. This normally ends up with the light flying off your finger and breaking someones tooth, so be careful.

aircraft mechanic flight light
Checking transmission oil level


The light only costs 32.90 and comes with a set of CR-123 batteries. I highly suggest getting a couple set of rechargeable batteries. My kit came with the charger and 3 sets of CR-123s for around $30.00. They have paid for themselves already and now I always have a set of fresh batteries.

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