C.A.M – Canopy for Aircraft Maintenance

Get ready to have one of those “why didn’t I think of that moments”. Meet the C.A.M, or Canopy for Aircraft Maintenance.  Working in the sun not only poses risks of heat related industry, but it also puts a hamper on productivity.

A&A C.A.M aircraft canopy shelter

A&A industries have been hard at work creating these mobile canopies built especially with the aircraft mechanic in mind. Their product is called the C.A.M, or Canopy for Aircraft Maintenance.  The C.A.M is a solution for those remote locations or even on the flight line where temporary shelter is needed.

Fast, Light and Easy

Working in a hangar is not always possible and outdoor can expose mechanics to unbearable temperatures on the flight line. The C.A.M is designs to mitigate that risk by providing shelter from the sun, yet still allow air flow to keep cool under. The canopy can be deployed in minutes so set up time is minimal.

A&A offers various sizes and configurations from the basic canopy to a temporary hangar complete with walls.  All of the products are manufactured right here in the United States.

If you are looking for a mobile solution for field maintenance applications, visit A&A Industries. They also got a great facebook page, so go visit them, like their page and say hello.



A&A C.A.M aircraft canopy shelter
There is an Apache in there!

A&A C.A.M aircraft canopy shelter

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