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The Mechanic’s Toolbox is a software package that is designed to make your life as an aircraft mechanic easier by compiling a huge amount of aviation maintenance information all in one place that is easy to navigate.

I recently came across John Schwaner’s tutorial videos on the AskBobAero site.  John created this software to make our jobs as an aircraft mechanic easier.   There is no other type of software like this on the market today.   I was skeptical at first, but after downloading the massive  600 MB  file, I was blown away by the extensive knowledge that John shares with us.   I was glued to my computer monitor for over an hour, learning things that I though I already knew.  Seasoned mechanics as well as students enrolled in A and P school will find this stuff very useful.

Whats Included?

The Mechanic’s Toolbox software kit includes;

  • 41 software programs
  • Smart Tools with over 3,526 photographs, 200 catalogs and manuals, 11 videos,
  • 3 E-books all in one software package.
  • The software can be run off of USB drive so it is portable.
  • The software can be installed on 3 computers that the mechanic owns or controls.
  • Mac and Windows support.
  • Internet connection not required.


Bottom Line

This software costs $33.95 for the downloaded version which is a steal at this price.    This software can also be helpful for anyone enrolled in A & P school.    The best part of this product is the wealth of information that is included with the package.  There simply is no other products to compare it to.  You would literally have to own hundreds of book to get all of this information.  Visit mechanic support.com and while you’re at it, visit John Schwaner blog for a ton of other useful information.


Visit Mechanic Support.com for purchasing information





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