Surefire Defender for Aircraft Mechanics

Surefire makes awesome mechanic flashlights that serve our industry well. Having a good flashlight can mean the difference between finding a crack in an aircraft structure or not. Sub par flashlight do that do not illuminate properly should be avoided. A good flashlight is a necessity especially working outdoors during day light with lots of ambient light. A strong flashlight can illuminate dark areas that otherwise would be difficult to see because of the conditions.

aviation flashlight 1
Defender is smaller than the U2 Ultra


aviation flashlight
Defender on the Left – U2 Ultra on the right



Defender vs. U2 Ultra

The outputs from both flashlight on max appear to be roughly the same even though the Defender is supposed to be 200 max lumen compared to the 100 max lumen of the U2 Ultra.  This is not a scientific study though, and batteries in both lights were not brand new. This is more of a real world test. The defender is an awesome flashlight nonetheless. It has a much smaller diameter than the U2 ultra with makes carrying it in the pocket better. The defender was not originally designed for mechanics but don’t let that deter you.  It would be a great addition to any mechanic’s tool box.

SureFire Defender Specs


aviation flashlight

The E2D LED is a compact, dual-output flashlight with self-defense enhancements. It features a virtually indestructible power-regulated LED emitter and a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens. The E2D LED’s pushbutton tailcap click switch lets you activate the flashlight and select output level: press or click for a 200-lumen high beam—ten times the light of a big two-D-cell flashlight, more than enough to overwhelm an aggressor’s night-adapted vision; release or click off and press or click again for a 5-lumen ultra long-runtime low beam that’s suitable for navigating around a dark room or parking lot. The Defender’s crenellated Strike Bezel®and scalloped tailcap provide further defensive options should the need arise.


  • Virtually indestructible LED emitter regulated to maximize output and runtime
  • Two output levels—high for maximum light, low for extended runtime
  • TIR lens produces tight beam with enough surround light for peripheral vision
  • Coated tempered window resists impact, maximizes light
  • Strike Bezel® provides personal defense option
  • High-strength aerospace aluminum body, Mil-Spec hard-anodized for extreme durability
  • Dual-output tailcap click switch—press for momentary-on high, click for constant-on high, return to off then press or click again to select low

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