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Hangar jobs training starts in February

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Funds are available for eligible people interested in accelerated training for aircraft technician jobs, which will constitute the majority of the 259 new jobs forecast for the new hangar to be built this year at the Wilmington Air Park.

A partnership among the local Laurel Oaks campus, Airborne Maintenance & Engineering Services (AMES) which will run the new operation, and a not-for-profit firm that administers training grants makes it possible for individuals who meet eligibility rules to have their tuition and expenses paid.

The 10-month program will start in February. The program will directly train for the new hangar project at the air park, said Harold Cullum, program director for the nonprofit Workforce Services Unlimited Inc. in Circleville.

Great Oaks Adult Workforce Development Director Harry Snyder said, “Due to the local economy, most people aren’t able to come up with the funds to cover the cost of this training.”

For an initial screening on funding eligibility, interested persons should contact the Clinton County Transition Center, located at the corner of West Main and South free A&P license Mulberry streets in downtown Wilmington, at 382-8425.

Funding eligibility focuses on dislocated workers and adults.

Individuals should be interested in obtaining a General and Airframe license as a first step to becoming a certified aircraft mechanic. This course will address only the Airframe part of becoming an Airframe and Powerplant technician — often called an A&P technician.

Cullum said, “Our role is to help dislocated workers determine their eligibility for training grants and assisting them through the application process so they can successfully pursue an aviation-related career.”

Candidates should be interested in an intense training program, and willing to give commitment, dedication and hard work to this career preparation, according to an advertisement published this week in the News Journal.

Those qualifying for tuition assistance also will receive a starter kit of tools worth $500.

The hangar has a suggested name — the JUMP hangar, with JUMP standing for Joint Use Maintenance and Painting. The hangar will include painting facilities.

The new jobs at the JUMP hangar are projected to include 235 technician jobs and 24 administrative and support staff positions.

The local Great Oaks Career Campuses offer Airframe and Powerplant courses.

Workforce Services Unlimited has administered training grants for 27 years from the U.S. Department of Labor and other government agencies, plus Foundations and United Ways.

Great Oaks has been in southwest Ohio since 1970. It is one of the largest career and technical education districts in the United States.

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This is in Wilmington Ohio.  This could be a great opportunity for some people who looking for aviation mechanic schools.  I hope someone really takes advantage of this program.


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