A&P Mechanic Tools

We have all seen these nifty tools in the doctors office, but they also make a great addition to a mechanics toolbox.  Forceps can be clamped down to hold an artery or in our case, a bolt.

A&P license forceps

The best kinds are medical grade. Have you seen medical grade tools? They are by far the best. Ask a friend in the medical industry if you can have a pair.  And no, do not dumpster dive behind a hospital to score a pair of these, although nice, not nice enough to get HEP-C.


They also work great cleaning underneath gearboxes or getting rags into tight areas to wipe up oil. Since the jaws clamp and lock, your rag stays on the end of the forceps turning it into a giant Q-Tip.

A&P license forceps
Clamped to a wire terminal

In the picture above, the forceps are holding a wire at the terminal. There is not enough wire to pull all of the way through, so to keep it from falling into the hole, I have my extra hand (my forceps) holding it.

Amazon has these pair for sale

SE Forceps, Straight 12″ + Curved 12″

For the money, these are super cheap and in many cases, amounts to having an extra hand.  Definitely one of the trick tools you should add to your box.

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