Taking the Airframe and Powerplant written test was in my opinion the hardest part of obtaining the certificates.  I have never been good at memorizing things.  I frequently forget peoples’ birthdays which has gotten me into a lot of trouble.  The oral and practical tests give a little more leeway since the DME can determine if you know what your talking about or completely wrong.  For instance, if you get a question wrong during the oral part of the test, the DME can ask you another question from the same section to check your knowledge in that area.  The written test is less forgiving.  A score of 70% is needed for passing.  If the test is failed, it costs another test fee to retake.  Here is where the Dauntless Test Prep software comes into play.  Using actual test questions, the software helps you memorize the answers.  The way I learned this was using keywords.  If the question had the word “rectifier” in it, then I would match another significant keyword in the correct answer sentence.  I would use the software to take the test over and over until it was burned into my brain.  I got to the point where I wouldn’t even need to read the entire question before I know the right answer.  This software can help do that.    I always used the software to mimic an actual test, complete with time.  That tends to prepare me better since the thought of timing out always worried me.  The Dauntless test prep is completely customizable also which means you can study only the weak areas and not waste time on the stuff you already know.

Dauntless has been around for a long time, they stand behind their product.   Go take the written tests knowing that you will pass instead of worrying of failure.   They have software that works with iPhone, iPad, Android,  Mac and PC computers. Plus,  you can download the software for a free trial is you click here.  The software costs $39.00.

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