Crescent Rapid Slide Adjustable Wrench Review

Are you sick of wasting precious time adjusting your Crescent wrench? Then you need the Rapid Slide!  Ok, just kidding with the sales pitch, but I did buy this because it looked interesting. I always keep an adjustable wrench in my tool bag while I am on the flight line.  My old one fell apart so I decided to upgrade. Time will tell if I made the right choice or not, but so far I like this wrench.  The jaws tend to stay tight against the fastener which was my main concern.

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Crescent AC8NKWMP 8-Inch Rapid Slide Adjustable Wrench


  • Fast adjusting
  • Cheap
  • decent quality


  • Slide is on one side only
  • Rather heavy. This might be a “pro” because you can use it as a hammer
  • Slide is not always super smoothaircraft mechanic tools

I bought mine at homedepot for just over $8.00. I noticed that on amazon and sears it sold for $14.00. I think it must have just rang up wrong at home depot and that’s why I got it for a good deal.


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