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Lighted Mechanic Fingers – Genius!

Mechanical fingers are the aircraft mechanic’s best friend.  We have all dropped a screw or bolt into a place that is unreachable.  It is frustrating when it happens.  I personally have wasted LOTS of time trying to retrieve lost hardware on aircraft.  Now that I have the Catspaw, I drop hardware into diffacult places just for the challenge!  Just kidding. But seriously  the Meyhew claw is better than the standard mechanic fingers because they are lighted.  The fingers are also a better design when compared to the older style fingers.   They are less than 17 bucks on amazon which is a steal.


Product Description

  • 22″ Flexible shaft to maneuver in difficult spaces
  • Four strong claws for grabbing
  • LED light to illuminate dark areas
  • Uses replacement batteries #45055



Lighted Flex Magnetic Pickup Tool

megnetic pickup tool
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This pickup tool doubles as a flashlight when not extended.   A magnetic pickup tool is another essential tool for aircraft mechanics.  This is a great way to keep FOD under control.

Product Description

  • Flexible head for reaching into hard to reach areas
  • Flexible head for positioning light for a hands-free job
  • Magnets on both ends for attaching to work area
  • Telescoping shaft extends from 8″-25″
  • Uses same replacement batteries as 45044


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