Attention:  Your Skills are Needed

When I think of the A&P license,  I think of a mechanic.  I think about maintaining aircraft.  That is my short sightedness indeed because the Airframe Powerplant is a highly sought after certification for employers outside of the aviation community.   Turns out that the A&P license you just got is worth more then just wrenching.   Keep in mind that I linked actual job postings so over time the links may end up dead.

  • Northrup Grumman field engineer working on Global Hawk UAV program.   I know a UAV is an aircraft, but it is not a typical aircraft maintenance job.   The UAV industry is growing like crazy right now.  Jobs are especially favorable for A&Ps with some engineering background.
  • Mechanical assembler” A&Ps highly preferred.  The posting doesn’t specify what exactly is being “assembled”, but at least you get the idea.
  • Another manufacturing company Heico Corp  likes to hire A&Ps.
  •   Other industries include, Elevator technicians, Theme park ride technicians,  automotive testing jobs, or anything else that requires a high mechanical aptitude and safety oriented mindset.


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