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Aircraft Mechanic Shirts – New Release

New Release from Aircraft Mechanic Shirts

We all know pilots get all the glory but the true heroes of aviation are aircraft mechanics! Check out the latest release from Aircraft Mechanic Shirts.com, printed on a premium made in the USA T shirt.

aircraft engineering shirts

Limited Edition Prints

This shirt is an updated version of the classic Unsung Heroes T shirt put out by Aircraft Mechanic shirts.com. That shirt sold out fast and people were requesting it was brought back for a second run. Most shirts from Aircraft Mechanic Shirts are limited edition and only available for a short period. So hurry on over to Aircraft Mechanic Shirts.com and score one today!

Do A and P License Prep Courses Work?

Prep Course – CrammingA and P License prep

If you already have the 30 months combined experience required by FAR 65.77 and are looking to get your A and P license,  a prep course might just be your ticket to success.   These courses aim to provide you with the information to pass the written, oral and practical tests.   These are basically a week-long or shorter of cramming.   Some schools will even guarantee passing of the tests.

The FAA A&P License and Working Overseas

Do You Need The FAA A&P License to Work Overseas?

A&P license
Hangar in Kirkuk Iraq

Contracting overseas can earn a mechanic a really good income.  Aircraft mechanics looking to contract overseas have quite a few options nowadays.    While there has always been a demand for quality aircraft maintenance in foreign countries,  today’s hostilities are providing an increase in overseas employment.  The question that often comes up during the conversation with a potential contractor is “do I need the FAA A&P license?”  The answer is many times no, you can find work over seas without the FAA A&P license however you will definitely need a good resume detailing your military experience.     Those without the military experience I would say will need the FAA A&P license to really have any chance of being considered for any positions overseas.

Sexy Safeties

Safety Wire Install A and P license

Installing safety wire on hardware is second nature for most A&P licensed mechanics.        The purpose of purpose of a safety or lockwiring is to ensure that the hardware will not come loose during operation.  AC43.13 defines safeting as;

“Securing by various means any nut,bolt turnbuckle etc., on the aircraft so that vibration will not cause it to loosen during operation.”

Safetying is a general term that covers,

  • Safety wife or lock wire
  • Cotter Pins
  • Self locking nuts
  • Locking tab washers


Will AAR move it Salina KS?

AAR corp is looking to expand to Salina KS.  That is great news for the area considering Hawker-Beachcraft recently closed it;s door which cost nearly 240 jobs.  Most of those jobs went to other outside vendors or Mexico.   AAR is looking for avionics, interiors,  sheetmetal, inspectors and aircraft mechanics.   Apparently over 400 applicants applied, AAR was looking to get at least 500.  Get the full scoop here.

Human Factors for the Aircraft Mechanic

What are human factors?

“Human factors is concerned with optimizing performance
… including reducing errors so that the highest
level of safety is achieved and maintained.”
—Ron LoFaro, PhD


The Federal Aviation Administration has been increasing their focus on human factor training since 1988.    The study of human factors is designed to mitigate human errors and reduce accidents that could have been prevented.  This is important because according to the FAA,  75-80 percent of all accidents are human errors of which 12 percent are linked to maintenance.   This 12 percent is what human factors for maintenance is focused on.  How can we reduce the maintenance related accidents?  First we have to identify the problem areas.  A smart guy named Gordon DuPont from Transport Canada devised a list.  He called the list “the Dirty Dozen”.

Aircraft Mechanic’s Creed


Other Companies that love the A&P License

Attention:  Your Skills are Needed

When I think of the A&P license,  I think of a mechanic.  I think about maintaining aircraft.  That is my short sightedness indeed because the Airframe Powerplant is a highly sought after certification for employers outside of the aviation community.   Turns out that the A&P license you just got is worth more then just wrenching.   Keep in mind that I linked actual job postings so over time the links may end up dead.