Here are a few of my favorite websites to hang out at. They are a great resource for any A&P mechanics. There really is a limited number of quality sites for aircraft maintenance  folks. Stop by and pay them a visit, I’m sure you will find them interesting unless of course your a weirdo.

Best Aircraft Mechanic Websites

aircraft mechanic blogspot – Great blog by another aircraft mechanic. He works for SWA and his name is Goat. Gives you a look into the world of the airlines. Do you think you have what it takes to work for one of big airlines? Find out and read the blog!

askbob aero aircraft mechanic – AskBobAero was set up by Bob Jones to create a community for maintenance professionals.  This is a  great place to share your ideas or read others articles. You can also set up a blog and share some of your ideas there. – Aviation Professionals Network is like a facebook for aviation people like us. You can create your own page and customize it. There are groups to join and ways of communicating with others in your area of interest. – Agent Jay is a jet engine guru and his youtube channel details all of his work. If you want to get up close and personal with some powerplant, watch some of his videos.

 Aircraft Mechanic Forums

Visit these forums, sign up and learn stuff from people much smarter than me.

 Aircraft Forum



AMT Central Forum

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