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There are approximately 170 aviation mechanic schools nationwide, however some states do not have any schools listed.  For for schools in your area by clicking on the state below.   It is a good idea to research fully each school before making the decision.  If you are lucky, you will have a few choices to choose from as far as schools go, but like I mentioned above, some states have no schools at all.


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Some things to consider while researching schools are;Aviation mechanic schools

  • How much does the course cost and do you have to pay for it all up front.  Also, how much does a section cost to retake in case you fail it.
  • Does the school accept financial aid and or GI bill.
  • How long does the course take to complete.  Most schools are about 2 years long to get both Airframe and Powerplant.
  • What, if any tools do you need to start.  Some schools have a list of recommended tools that you can get over time.
  • Do not believe everything the salesman will tell you about how easy it is to find a job after graduation.  Do your own research on your job prospect in the area in which you will be living.   Building experience can be a difficult thing to do in this industry and most employers will require some amount of experience.

Aircraft maintenance can be a rewarding career and it is possible to earn good money.   There are lots of jobs all over the country seeking qualified mechanics.   Since most of the employers will want experience, it is a good idea to try as early as possible to try and get it.  Read my blog post on getting experience for aircraft mechanics for some ideas.  While you may not get an actual job wrenching on airplanes, you might get a job somewhere else on the airport.  Even if it means throwing bags or refueling aircraft, it is still experience that will look good on the resume.    Networking should be done whenever possible and never pass up the chance to meet new people.  You never know who you will meet. That networking, for most people, begin at the aviation mechanic schools.Aviation Mechanic Schools

Job Outlook

The job out look will largely depend on where you are.  Some states have a stronger aviation presence than others.   My hometown of Michigan is one of those states with a weak aviation industry.   I was able to find steady work after doing some overseas contracting and getting some experience under my belt.   Visiting job search sites like will give you a picture of what kind of jobs are available in your area.   Finding an aircraft mechanic job will largely depend on how badly you want it.  If you are in a tough market, you will have to get out there and work at finding a decent job.  Be patient, keep sending out resumes and meeting new people.  The industry is always going to need dependable hardworking mechanics, so keep that in mind.

Avionics, Sheetmetal or General Mechanic?

sheet metal mechanicSome aviation mechanic schools will offer areas of specialty in their course study.   Often times I am asked if it is advisable to take such classes.   This can be a difficult question to answer because so much of it depends on each persons situation.   For instance, if your goal is to live in an area that have decent job prospects for a part 145 Avionics repair station, then taking those extra classes may come in handy.   Generally though, I tell people to just take the general stuff and get your A and P license.   Get out there and start working.  If you find out your excellent at sheetmetal for instance, then you can always do on the job training or go back and pick up more skills at school.   Lots of times it largely depends on  a persons interests and skills.


Take Action

Setting up a meeting and visiting the aviation mechanic schools of interest is the first step.  From there you can get an idea on how long and how much getting the A and P license will cost. Do not be afraid to ask lots of questions.  You can find reviews for most schools online if you do a search.  The aviation mechanic schools listed in the above search are all Federal Aviation Administration approved, which means that they get inspected by the FAA and strictly follow the course work that is required for the A&P license.   This makes it a little more easy to compare schools since you will be comparing apples to apples.  Some might claim better results than others and promise you tons of high paying jobs when you graduate. But remember that both schools will produce mechanics with their A and P license, and that is what employers will be seeking.  Which aviation mechanic school you ended up going to will not matter for the most part.




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