Matco Tools TRC250A Review

I recently has to spring for a new torque wrench due to my old one failing calibration. Probably the falls off the aircraft did the poor thing in. Oh well, it’s a great excuse to buy a new toy, although aircraft mechanics rarely need an excuse to buy tools.

I choice the Matco brand only because of my good luck with my 1/4drive version I have used for years. It’s a solid built tool and has given me good results.

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Calibrated Tools

Calibrated tools are common for aircraft mechanics. Make sure your tools are calibrated espcially if you are working for a part 135 or 121 outfit. If the FAA visits your site and finds uncalibrated tools, you could be in for some trouble. Make sure you have all the documents proving the calibration including the serial number of the tool.  Your company may have guidelines for calibrated tools, be sure to follow them. If a tool is out of cal, make sure it is tagged as such.  Last thing you want is someone borrowing it without knowing it is out of calibration.  The FAA can be very picky about things like this and they love to fry people for this stuff.

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