Tip # 12: Use Your Camera Phone

Your smart phone can do more than just check your Facebook status while at work.  The camera phone can be a valuable tool that every aircraft mechanic should have in their arsenal.   By getting in the habit of taking pictures during maintenance tasks, you can easily document things that otherwise could be forgotten.


Wiring Installations

Taking a picture of a wiring installation can help you remember which wire goes where when its time to go back together.

aircraft mechanic 253606
Fuel Probe and low level switch

Taking a picture of this fuel probe can help you put the wires back into the same place. Also, you can see the part number on the components which can also be helpful when it comes time to ordering parts.


Data Plates

A and P license 22146
Fuel quantity gauge


Taking pictures of data plates is also a very good idea. In this case, I ordered a new gauge and went home for the day. I later on get a call from the parts person because there was confusion about which part I actually needed. There are a few different part numbers for this gauge. I was able to save time by just forwarding the picture to the parts guy which helped clear everything up. See, they thought I wrote down the wrong part number.

Taking pictures of the data plate can also be valuable while writing your maintenance log book entry. Being able to double check exactly which part/serial number you removed and installed is a great feature.

The smart phone has become my widely most used tool in my arsenal.  Being able to take, store, upload and email pictures is a necessity that I would have a hard time living without.  In my opinion, every aircraft mechanic should have one, or at least a cell phone that can take pictures and send / receive emails.

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