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Nobody wants to fail the A&P tests and look like a failure.  We invest lots of money and time to get the A and P License so don’t go screw it up and fail the tests.  Lucky for us, there are multiple products to help us pass the airframe and powerplant tests. To get the A and P license, you must pass the oral, written and practical test for each subject. Those subjects are General, Airframe and Powerplant.  The written part of the test was probably the most diffacult part of testing.  You must pass with a score of at least 70%.  Airframe and powerplant written tests are about 100 questions each pulling from a pool of 1000 questions.  The general is 70 questions with a pool of around 700.  That is a lot of information to remember.

Cheapest Method – Paperback study Guides

Jeppesen A&P Test Guides Set of 3

Cost = 39.99 includes all areas necessary for passing the tests.  Separate books can be purchased as well.

These study guides are the tried and proven way to pass the written, oral and practical tests without a hitch.   They include the written test questions and example oral and practical tests.  It is important to know that the DME can ask what ever questions they feel fit and have you perform whichever related tasks they want. has great prices and an excellent return policy which is why I almost exclusively use them.


Get your A&P license FAST with NB Test Prep.  Click here for more info


 ASA Prepware Software Study Guides


ASA General Airframe & Powerplant Prepware TW-AMT

Cost = 94.95 includes 3 CDs covering all of the tests.

ASA is known for their quality study guides.  Their study guides are helpful because they mimic the actual tests.  This company also offers individual download test prep software direct from their site located here; General, Airframe and Powerplant.  For some reason, ASA only offers the powerplant download as a bundle which includes a paperback test prep guide.  Visit their website for other products to help ace the test here.

Dauntless Test Prep





Cost = 89.99  for General, Airframe and Powerplant test prep software.

Dauntless test software has been around for years.   They also carry test prep applications for the  Droid and iphone as well as Mp3 audio files so that you can study on the go.  The Dauntless method uses a fully customizable   I used a combination of paperback books are this software when I went for my A and P license.  Which by the way I passed with flying colors!

My Dauntless Video Review





Taking the A&P tests do not have to be a nail biting experience.   Planning ahead and studying your butt off is the sure way to ace the tests.  Studying can get a little overwhelming so it is important to do it in stages.  Chances are you wont be taking all the tests at the same time, so study one test at a time.  Once you pass it, move on to the next.   In my experiencing it is best to memorize the question and the correct answer and nothing more.  Which ever method you choose, make sure you stick to it and do the actual studying.  The best software test prep won’t do you any good unless you use it!    Remember, this test is just to get you your A and P license, once you have that, the real learning begins.


 Get your A&P license FAST with NB Test Prep.  Click here for more info

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