Study on the Go – Get the A and P License Faster

The folks at Dauntless Software have been hard at it coming up with new ways to study for the written part of the A and P license tests.    These new apps are available for both iphone and Android applications.  There are separate apps for each test, general, airframe and powerplant.  Each test prep costs 34.99 and is available through download at the Dauntless website here.


Downsides to the smart phone based test prep software is that it can be somewhat expensive.  At 34.99 per course, it can add up fast.  I probably would not invest that much for the general, but for the airframe and powerplant, it would be more worth it.  Another downside to smart phone based apps is that it can kill your battery rather fast if you are studying a lot.  Of course is depends on lots of factors but my smart phone nowadays just does not have the battery capacity it once did.  The battery issue probably inst that big of a deal, but it is something to consider.  Do not waste all that time and money spent at an Aviation Maintenance School and risk failing the A and P license tests.  It would be wise to invest some money in study material before attempting the tests.

Bottom Line

Dauntless puts lots of time in developing these programs which means you end up with a polished product that is fully customizable to your standards.  It is not a one size fits all approach like some other softwares out there.  Yes, it does cost money, but if it means getting the A and P license faster, it is surely worth it.   Check out the other products at the Dauntless website.  They also carry a full line of software downloads as well as Mp3 files that might help to memorize the boring material that is known as the A&P written tests.

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