1. Never stop learningaviation maintenance technician

Learning new things is what makes this industry fresh and exciting. There is always something new to learn. One great way to learn new things is to work with different aircraft mechanics at your job. Never turn down an opportunity to take a factory training course. These courses not only teach aircraft mechanics important skills but also look great on the resume.

2. Learn to troubleshoot

Troubleshooting is a skill that takes years to master. Sometimes it is nothing more than making educated guesses based on past experiences. In many cases the troubleshooting guides in the book offer little help. This is were understanding your aircraft and its systems are important.  Troubleshooting an aircraft system is a great way to learn how it all works in detail. Don’t be afraid to tackle a complex problem just because you don’t yet understand the system in question. The maintenance manual theory of operation is a great place to start.

3. Enjoy aviation

If you became an aircraft maintenance technician for the money, I feel sorry for you. That’s not to say you cannot make lots of money in this career, but you will probably find yourself frustrated way before you find a big financial payoff. People who are successful in this industry generally have a love of aviation. More so than not, they probably grew up loving airplanes.  So if airplanes are a bore, you picked the wrong career.


4. Learn to work well with others

Working well with others comes natural for some and others it takes a little more effort. If you constantly find yourself in arguments with the ones you work with, just sit back and think for a minute, maybe the problem is you and not everyone else. Learn to listen to others. The safest work environment is one in which we can disagree without getting someones feelings hurt. Just be nice, smile more often.

5. Know the Regulations

This industry is heavily regulated. That is no secret. Whether you are operating under parts 91, 135 or 121, know your regulations.  Take time to read the FARs and get comfortable with the various sections.  This also pertains to company policies.  Many companies operate under a General Operating Manual,  General Maintenance Manual or General Practices Procedures. These policies are considered law when it comes to the FAA so following them is important.

6. Leave your ego at the door

This may come as a surprise to you, but there will come a time in your career that you will be wrong about something. Accept it and learn from it.  Nobody knows everything and if someone claims that they do, be very cautious. If you are proven wrong about something, do not take it personally. Know there difference between  arrogant and confident.

7. Learn to slow down

Rushing a job can lead to mistakes. Successful aircraft mechanics have learned over the years that you cannot rush perfection.


Habits Define Us

Make these skills habit and you will now doubt become on valuable aircraft mechanic.  Our habits at work and home is how we are defined whether for good or bad. Make becoming a successful  aircraft mechanic your goal and you will not only benefit financially but also with an increased confidence.

What other habits do you find to be important for our industry? Please leave a comment below.

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