Getting Hired Without Much Experience

If you are an aircraft mechanic, than you already have an idea on how difficult it can be, not to mention down-right frustrating  trying to get that first job as an aircraft mechanic. The problem is, most employers want to hire experienced mechanics. This saves them time and money in training, but do not let this discourage you.

This is the most critical time as an aircraft mechanic. You don’t want to let too much time pass after you get your A&P license and geting that first job. If too much time passes, you lose momentum.  My tips for nailing that first job are simple. But you have to start early.

Top 5 Tips for Getting Hired

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  1.  Start early. While still attending school, get a job as an aircraft fueler or baggage handler. Anything on the airport grounds is good. The idea is get around aircraft and other aviation professionals where you can start networking. Other good jobs are repair stations or overhaul facilities. Use a job search like Select your area and type “aviation” or “aircraft”. You will find other companies in the aviation industry. Even a job at an aviation manufacturing company will look good on the resume so long as get creative with your resume writing.
  2. Make new friends. This is much easier if you are already working in a related industry. Always meet new people and find out who is hiring and firing. A lot of this industry is who you know. You want to meet as many new aviation and build a report with them.
  3. Don’t be afraid to cold call companies after you send your resume. This is great for building confidence also. If it is a large company, ask for the human resources. Ask if they are doing any hiring. If you already sent your resume out, say this ” Hello, my name is _______ I sent my resume the other day and I was wondering if you had a chance to look it over.” After that sentence, say nothing and let them answer you. It puts them on the spot. Sometimes your resume is sitting on the desk and that call will get things moving. Be polite and friendly.  Smile when you talk on the phone.
  4. Sign up for Linkdin. This is a free site where you can network with other aircraft mechanic professionals. I just recently signed up and lots of people started contacting me from within the aircraft maintenance industry. One of them was a recruiter from an aircraft maintenance staffing company. Find me on Linkdin – John Janiszewski
  5.  Aircraft maintenance staffing companies need to fill positions fast. Sure, it might not be your dream job but it does wonders for building experience. The best part about this method of building experience is that you can talk one on one with a recruiter. They can search out jobs for you and when they find out, give you a call. Some contracts require more experience than others, so there is a chance that a job pops up that you are qualified for. Keep in touch with the recruiters on a weekly basis. Don’t be afraid to call them up and check in. Remember, they have quotas to meet and you are actually doing them a favor. This tactic works especially well if you are ready to start work immediately.

Here is a list of the top aircraft mechanic staffing firms


Be Patient

After you get a few jobs on the resume, companies will be seeking you out.  Just be patient and learn how to market yourself. Remember, you are competing among lots of other aircraft mechanics. There has been time I took work doing automotive testing in between jobs.   Sometimes this may happen.   Even if the job isn’t in the aviation field, it still can look good on the resume provided you described it properly. Any job is better than no job.

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