Top 5 Overseas Contracting Myths Exposed!

You have probably heard stories of aircraft mechanics going overseas to some war zone to make a killing. If you are like me, you are instantly interested but not sure how to start or what information to believe. Lots of contractors hold their cards close to their chest and are not willing to share how to get hired on with the best companies.  Not until I got over to Afghanistan did I really see what overseas contracting was like. If you are interested in making a 6 figure income, you may want to consider working overseas for a period of time. There simply is no faster way to make this kind of money.  Mechanics can earn $175,000 – $400,000 per year doing exactly the same thing you are doing here, except overseas they pay for your housing and food also!

1. You need an A&P License to Make Big Money

This simply is not true.  Sure, having the A&P license is a huge benefit, but not all of the overseas jobs require it. Non N-numbered military aircraft do not need an A&P mechanic to maintain it, and there are a LOT of non N-numbered aircraft out there!


2. You Must Have Military Experience

I once thought this was also true. Until I got over there and started working and meeting people. I was surprised by how many people did not have a military background. Companies are more interested in what experience you have on a particular aircraft.


3. You Will Most Likely Get Killed

We see it on TV, War zones are dangerous. But the facts are that it really is not that dangerous. Of course this depends on exactly where you are going but most aircraft are kept at an airbase which is heavily protected. Now you will get the occasional mortar attacks but lucky for us, the enemy is not good at aiming and most of the rounds hit nothing.  Statistically you have a higher chance of getting killed in an accident on your way to work tomorrow than killed working overseas.


4. All of That Big Money is Tax Free

If you are a US citizen, this is not true. You owe taxes regardless.  Everyone thinks that since you are outside the United States that you pay no tax on income. If you believe this, I see an audit from the IRS  coming your way.  But there is good news, much of that big money you earned over there IS tax-free in the way of the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion. There are lots of rules to this exclusion. Best bet, hire a tax professional to help you with this process, they are not very expensive and worth the piece of mind.


5. You Have to Be Gone All Year

Yes, you sign an employment contract for 1 year periods typically, but this does not mean you cannot quit and come home whenever you want. Not only that, more and more companies are doing a rotation that brings you home more often. Some contracts will have you working 90 days on and 30 days back home, or where ever else you want to go.  The only downsides to this can be tax implications. Overseas contracting is like any other job, when you want to go home for whatever reason, the company has to get you back home, period.


Take Action

Do you want to pay off your home early? Maybe take a few nice vacations somewhere exotic, or better yet, retire early. It is possible by working an overseas contract as an aircraft mechanic. There is no better way to earn this kind of REAL money. This truly is a game changer, it can change your life.  So how do you get started? Well first thing is to build some resumes targeting your dream jobs. If you do not meet the companies requirements, still send your resume in. Give them a day or so then call the company to follow-up. It can take a few months to finally get hired for an overseas position, so be patient but most importantly, start now.

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