Must Haves for Any Aircraft Mechanic

The universal socket is a tool that every aircraft mechanic needs to have in their inventory.  They bend and flex into positions that standard sockets will not go.  The bottom line is that they save time which equates to money.  These handy sockets pay for themselves in no time.




I found this set on   If your not a fan of Proto, Amazon has lots of different brands to choose from.  Amazon has great prices and an excellent return policy, that is why I favor Amazon.   Make sure you getthe 12 point set and not the 6 point set.  Aircraft engine manufactures love using 12 point hardware.

Problems with the standard Universal

A and P License tools,
Standard Universal









The standard universal (swivel or wobble) as seen in the above picture, often times does not work because after you add the socket, it is too long.   This creates frustrating situations where you cannot get to a fastener because of the length or your extension, plus universal plus socket.   That is why the universal socket set is so valuable.  It’s shorter profile makes it a gem for those hard to reach places.




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