10 Ways Not to Suck as an Aircraft Mechanic

1. Know your aircraft. Read the technical manuals. Read the theory of
operations when you get downtime. You will probably never know
EVERYTHING there is to know about your assigned airplane but that’s not
an excuse not to learn it

2. Know the FARs. If your company operates under Part 135, read the rules
that regulate what you do. This not only makes you more knowledgeable
but it also protects you.
3.  If you have to borrow a tool from another mechanic more that twice, go
out and buy that tool. Never go into another mechanic’s tool box without
permission. If you loose a tool, report it immediately to avoid the wrath
from management. If you break another mechanic’s tool, replace is as
soon as practical.
4.  Check your ego at the door. There will be times that you will be wrong.
Accept it. Safety has to be bigger than your ego. This is a humbling
5. If you need help, ask for it.
6.  Keep a positive attitude. Ditch the grudge against pilots. This industry
has its fair share of old salty aircraft mechanics, do not be one of them.
7. Always act and look professional.
8.  Always be willing to help your fellow mechanics.
9. Always be willing to learn something new. It keeps you fresh.
10.  Above all else, your loyalty must be with the FARs. Protect your A&P
certificate by following the regs. Don’t be a hero, be safe.

Got any you would like to add to the list? Add them in the comments below,


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